Recycled Materials (LEED®)

Recycled materials that include concrete, asphalt and brick. Materials produced as RC-6 Recycled (Crusher Run / Sub-base) material RC 2″ Recycled ( ASSHTO #3 / MD #2 ), and asphalt millings.

RC-6 Recycled

2” minus to fines.  Material is often used as an price effective alternative to stone sub-base.

Uses include: sub-base material for paving, underneath concrete, as well as structural fill material.

Excellent performance when and where site conditions may become wet.  RC-6 Recycled is also acceptable as a LEED® material.

RC-57 Recycled

3/4″-1 1/4″. No fines. Excellent alternative to natural stone. Majority of this product is made out of recycled concrete.

Uses include driveways, bedding for large pipes, bedding for sheds, filter stone, dry wells, concrete slab bedding and residential drainage.

RC – 2″ Recycled

2”-3” material. No fines.  Excellent when used for construction entrances, haul roads and laydown areas for equipment and supplies.

Additional applications include: bridging material for excessively wet conditions and parking areas.

Asphalt Millings

Asphalt that is directly removed from roadways, parking lots, and alley ways.  Material is used in many cases as an economical alternative for driveways, parking lots, and small haul roads.

Recycled materials are help to achieve goals for projects that require LEED®/Green Building participation. Recycled materials can be substituted for new materials and save costs. Use of local recycled material allows for added credit for reaching multiple LEED® goals.

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