Fill Materials

Select Topsoil produced to meet MD-SHA testing requirements. Certain bio-soil and select topsoil mixes are available. Various fill material available. From Common fill, select fill, to structural fill. These include stone, recycled, and soil based materials.

Screened Topsoil

Our topsoil is screened for easy handling, spreading and seeding.  Material can be used for home gardening, lawns, and landscaping projects.

PMI’s screened topsoil can also be used for blending with Leafgro and our sand products for certain applications.


Organic loamy compost rich in nutrients, used to amend soil, great for gardens, lawns, and planting beds.

Bank Sand

Select fill for various applications including backfill, bedding and filter sand.

Common & Select Fill

Used as wall or retaining wall backfill, land grading or anywhere where fill is needed. Other backfill materials, including stone, structural fill and recycled products, may be used, and are located on other product pages.

Clay Material

Natural Clay, being plastic and relatively impervious to water, is used where natural seals are needed, such as in the cores for dams used in slope work or streams, and as a barrier landfills or storm-water ponds against seepage.  Clay is also used in recreational sports for pitching mounds for baseball.

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