Patuxent Materials, Inc. provides products and services that address the ever changing rules and regulations of all governmental agencies. City, County, State as well as Federal jurisdictions. Agencies rely on materials that meet the demands placed through ASTM and AASHTO testing methods. Patuxent Materials, Inc. complies with all stipulations as needed by the provisions of both the government and our customers. Further, PMI provides services that meet the approval obligations to work in and around restricted and secure government sites.


Patuxent Roll-Off, LLC’s comprehensive waste management programs will help to achieve the recycling requirements for LEED®* Green Building Standards, MDE, and MES.


Maryland Environmental Services (M.E.S.) certified materials are required for the majority of the public and private projects in this area.


Patuxent Materials, Inc. provides materials and services that adhere to Maryland Department of Environment’s (MDE) mission to protect and restore the overall environment.


Patuxent Materials, Inc. produces and delivers Maryland State Highway Administration approved materials as designated and tested per ASTM and or AASHTO standards.

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