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Patuxent Materials, Inc. provides products and services that address the ever changing rules and regulations of all governmental agencies. City, County, State as well as Federal jurisdictions. Agencies rely on materials that meet the demands placed through ASTM and AASHTO testing methods. Patuxent Materials, Inc. complies with all stipulations as needed by the provisions of both the government and our customers. Further, PMI provides services that meet the approval obligations to work in and around restricted and secure government sites.



The LEED® program is a Green Building recycling program which implements documentation of materials being recycled, including the percentage and type of materials being recycled throughout the construction process. Typically 100% of the raw material brought into our facilities can be recycled, including raw material which is crushed into various sizes for reuse and any metals throughout the raw material are also separated and recycled at an off site facility.



Maryland Environmental Services (M.E.S.) certified materials are required for the majority of the public and private projects in this area.

MES provides services and works on projects including water and waste-water treatment, solid waste management, composting, recycling, dredged material management, hazardous materials cleanup, storm water services and renewable energy. We provide expert engineering, monitoring and inspection services.

Maryland Environmental Service is involved in finding innovative solutions to our region’s most complex environmental challenges and preserving our region’s natural resources.



MDE’s programs have research and development elements to enable Maryland to learn and implement new strategies for protecting the State’s air, water and land resources. MDE maintains several databases of State environmental information, from ambient air quality to water quality and toxics data for Maryland’s water bodies, from oil pollution control to safe drinking water data, among others. MDE plans to web-enable these databases in the future.



Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) regulates all State funded public projects within Maryland’s borders. These include major highways, roadways, and bridges, MSHA also works closely with MDE and MES on stream, river, bay or any water / environmental based projects.

MSHA also tests and approves all construction aggregates as produced and submitted for use on all state funded projects.