Sand & Gravel


We offer a variety of sizes and textures. Applications may be, but are not limited to:

Washed Mason Sand/M-6 & C-144

Fine sand used for masonry work, bedding material for pool installation, used as less expensive alternative to white play/bunker sand for volleyball courts, bunker sand or beach sand.

Washed Concrete Sand/C-33

Coarse sand mainly used in the production of redi-mix concrete. Other uses include beach repair sand, filtration material for bio-retention ponds, admix product for topsoil, volleyball pits, bedding sand, and used place on top of ice or snow for traction.

White Sand

Used by Golf Courses for bunkers, non-staining play sand, beaches, volleyball courts, etc.

Bank Sand

Select fill for various applications including backfill, bedding and filter sand.



Material sizing is 1/8”

Uses include underlayment and filler material for patio stone, concrete block production, and grit for applying in snow covered or icy conditions.


Average size of 3/8”. Mainly round in shape. Uses include concrete production, drainage barrier, walkways, driveways and garden cover.

3/4″ Washed Gravel

Multiple uses include pipe bedding, drainage material, concrete, asphalt, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, as well as around gardens & pools.

#2 Washed Gravel

Uses include roofing gravel, drainage and landscaping.

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