Decorative Stone

Larger crushed rock, known as rip rap, comes in various larger sized “Classes” starting with Class 0 (gabion) which ranges in sizes 4″ -7″, Class 1 which ranges in sizes 7″-12″. Class 0 and Class 1 rip raps are considered “one man” rocks, and can be placed by hand, whereas the larger Classed rip raps, Class 2 and Class 3, are generally used for major bulkhead repairs or, stream renovations where heavy equipment is needed.

Jagged crushed stone available in several colors, including but not limited to: red brick, blue, dark grey, light grey and white-grey. Crushed stone comes in a variety of sizes for landscaping or waterscaping projects. The colored stone may be used as mulch bedding, driveway stone, backfilling of retaining walls, under sheds and decks and many more applications where crushed stone may be needed.

Rounded smooth surfaced cobble comes in various sizes & are multi-colored for many decorative uses. Both Hudson and Delaware blends are multi-colored with white, tan, light grey, dark grey, maroon tones for an appealing color scheme to be used to compliment any landscape or waterscape project, to include landscape around pools, decorative drainage areas, and mulching of planting beds to name a few.

Roofing Aggregates

Roofing ballast material available. 1/2″, 3/4″ , 1″ & 2″ crushed stone, cobble, and round washed gravel. Variable color range from white, dark gray, to beige.

Crushed “Red Brick” 3/4″

#57 Crushed “Red Brick” stone. Landscape material for a colorful alternative for gardens, driveways and ponds.

3/4″ Delaware Blend

Popular multi-color smooth gravel.  Mainly grays and browns.  This size is used for walkways, driveways, patios and as a border material near pools or sheds.

1” Hudson Blend

Popular multi colored smooth gravel in mainly reds, tans, and gray.  This size is used for roof-top gardens, multiple landscaping projects, rock gardens and pools.

1” – 3” Delaware Blend

Popular multi colored smooth gravel. Mainly grays and browns – same as above application.

1” – 3 ” Hudson Blend

Popular multi colored smooth gravel.  Mainly Red, Tans and grays.  This size is used in many cases for roof-top gardens, rock gardens, around ponds, and water gardens, and landscaped outfall areas. Border material around patios.

3”-5” Delaware Blend

Popular multi colored smooth gravel.  A bit large material and is great for landscape stream work, around pools,  border material around gardens and bio-retention pond projects.

5” – 8” Delaware Blend

Popular multi colored smooth gravel. This larger material is great for stream bed work, fish ponds, rock gardens, slope work and Bio-retention pond projects.

Sandstone Boulders

Hard to find Sandstone boulders available for environmentally sensitive projects. Sizes vary.

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