Selecting the Right Stone for Your Driveway

Driveways are one of the first things a visitor sees when they come to your home, and therefore they can make or break a home’s curb appeal. Many homes have driveways that are made of asphalt or concrete surfaces, which in reality may be practical, but are not very visually pleasing and can be very expensive to install. Stone driveways offer a more visually appealing solution at a lower cost, with a variety of options that will enhance the exterior... Read More

Maryland Hurricane Preparation and Clean-Up

Hurricane season is winding down here on the East Coast, but the memory of Irene is still fresh in many minds. Here at Patuxent Companies, when we think of Hurricane Irene, we think sandbags and dumpsters. Before the hurricane hit, we were busy providing thousands of sandbags to municipalities, businesses, and residential customers in our area. Patuxent Companies has been listed with the Anne Arundel County disaster preparedness hotline for many years,... Read More

Meet the Patuxent Companies Dispatch Team

dispatch n. send someone or something to a destination or for a purpose. Here at Patuxent Companies, our Dispatch staff plays a crucial part in ensuring our customers receive the level of service they have come to expect. Yet while many of our customers have come to know our dispatchers over the years, few have had an opportunity to meet the faces behind the phones. And now, we present The Patuxent Dispatchers… The Dispatch Team (L-R): Larry Bell... Read More

New Trucks Arrive at Patuxent Materials

The State of Maryland has introduced a number of laws and regulations designed to reduce vehicle emissions and protect the environment. Here at Patuxent Materials, we’ve made a commitment not just to staying in compliance, but to maintaining a modern and efficient vehicle fleet. To this end, we were excited to take delivery of a new fleet of 15 Peterbilt model 388 trucks. The 388 is Peterbilt’s traditional model for regional and heavy hauling... Read More

Meet Our Sales Team

Have you ever wondered who  is on the other end of the phone when you call us here at Patuxent Companies? Meet the members of our Sales Team! L-R: Tim Cloud, Bonnie Watts, Kim Hannon, Roger Ledsome Tim Cloud is Vice President of Sales with Patuxent Companies. He’s been with us since 1994 and prior to that was a Sales Representative with Alban Tractor Company. Tim is a native of Maryland, having attended Severn School and later Washington... Read More

Which weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of stones?

Odds are, you’ve heard this very popular “trick question” once or twice. If you have, you know the answer is “neither – they both weigh a ton.” But what would you say if we changed the question and instead asked “which weighs more, a cubic yard of feathers or a cubic yard of stones?” The answer in this case? A cubic yard of stones weighs more. Here at Patuxent Materials, we’ve always sold our products by weight rather than mass (square... Read More

Welcome to the new Patuxent Companies Blog!

Welcome to the Patuxent Companies blog! Patuxent Companies has been providing customers with the diversity of services needed in today’s construction and home improvement projects since 1987. For over 25 years, Patuxent Materials, Inc. has been serving the aggregate delivery needs of contractors throughout the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan area. Established in 1987, Patuxent Materials, Inc. started with a small construction aggregate re-sale... Read More

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