Patuxent Roll-Off Sponsors the 2014 MSP Polar Bear Plunge

Patuxent Roll-Off has been a longtime supporter of the MSP Polar Bear Plunge and is proud to announce that we will once again participate in the event by donating dumpsters. Each year the Maryland State Police sponsors this event that raises funds for Special Olympics of Maryland (SOMD). Participants in the plunge register and get sponsored to raise the money. On the date of the event, the sponsored participants plunge into the Chesapeake Bay in the... Read More

Patuxent Roll-Off Supports MRE-Annapolis Tug of War

This year, Patuxent Roll-Off was proud to support the Maritime Republic of Eastport’s annual tug of war through the donation of a dumpster, in support of Special Olympics Maryland. Each year, residents of Eastport and residents of the City of Annapolis stage a tug of war over Spa Creek, the body of water that separates Eastport from the rest of the city. In fact, it is the largest over water tug-of-war in the world! It may seem like fun and games,... Read More

Recycled salvaged homes? The Art of Deconstruction.

The ultimate in ReUse- Deconstruction of a Home for ReUse Recycled salvaged homes? What exactly does that mean and what is the Art of Deconstruction? Well, to put explain it easily. Think of building a standard home. What steps would you take to build it? First, you’d excavated for the basement or concrete slab, then you’d start framing the house with wood, using nails or screws. Next you’d put up the roof, with wood, nails, shingles... Read More

Maryland Hurricane Preparation and Clean-Up

Hurricane season is winding down here on the East Coast, but the memory of Irene is still fresh in many minds. Here at Patuxent Companies, when we think of Hurricane Irene, we think sandbags and dumpsters. Before the hurricane hit, we were busy providing thousands of sandbags to municipalities, businesses, and residential customers in our area. Patuxent Companies has been listed with the Anne Arundel County disaster preparedness hotline for many years,... Read More

Front Loader vs. Roll-Off Container Service

Both front loader and roll-off container services are used in regularly scheduled waste removal. Patuxent Roll-Off, LLC can provide service for both. This includes removal from sites such as schools, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and restaurants. Both types of containers are made well and are meant to be reliable for a long period of time. However, these two types of container services do differ. Front Load Container Service Front load container... Read More

Meet Our Sales Team

Have you ever wondered who  is on the other end of the phone when you call us here at Patuxent Companies? Meet the members of our Sales Team! L-R: Tim Cloud, Bonnie Watts, Kim Hannon, Roger Ledsome Tim Cloud is Vice President of Sales with Patuxent Companies. He’s been with us since 1994 and prior to that was a Sales Representative with Alban Tractor Company. Tim is a native of Maryland, having attended Severn School and later Washington... Read More

Which weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of stones?

Odds are, you’ve heard this very popular “trick question” once or twice. If you have, you know the answer is “neither – they both weigh a ton.” But what would you say if we changed the question and instead asked “which weighs more, a cubic yard of feathers or a cubic yard of stones?” The answer in this case? A cubic yard of stones weighs more. Here at Patuxent Materials, we’ve always sold our products by weight rather than mass (square... Read More