Hey DIY-ers…Want to do a paver patio? Here’s help 101!

Okay all you DIY-ers, you think endlessly of projects you can do around the house and yard, but you also want to save money.   And that new patio you’ve been dreaming about is something you think you can handle on your own.  Well,  I can tell you from first hand experience, that it’s not as easy as you might think.

Sure the HGTV and DIY Network make it look so easy, heck, they can do it in 1/2 hour, right?  Well,  after humping wheel barrel loads of stone , sand and pavers around to the project site, bending over for hours on end, and many Tylenol tablets later,  I can say that it turned out decent enough, but was it worth it?   Well, after a year all the hard work and time as well as the money for all the materials, the patio is in decent shape, but is sinking slightly in a few areas.  And I’m sure it will continue to with rainy weather conditions.  However, if a professional hardscape contractor had done with project for me, it would most likely be under warranty and would be fixed, with no cost to me!

Many DIY-ers don’t take into account that THEIR time is money, too!    The hours that it takes to install a patio correctly is worth something in this hustle and bustle world we live in!

But, I, like many, are excited to learn new things, and showing off DIY projects, so I might as well let you in on some important insider facts about installing the paver patio.

Paver Patio by Second Nature Landscape of MD, a licensed and insured reputable hardscape contractor.

Patuxent Materials, Inc  has been delivering materials to many hardscape contractors for over 25 years and we have become very knowledgeable to what materials works best.

First and most importantly, the sub-base is the most important part during the installation of the paver patio.   Many times people will think the actual paver block is the most important, and it is, for color,style, texture and size, but the sub-base is what will keep the patio in tip-top shape for many years to come!  Check out this DIY Network  link about the 10 things you must know about pavers.





Patuxent Materials Home Delivers bulk materials for your DIY projects

The sub-base will depend on what your ground consists of,  such as clay? sandy soil?  muddy areas?  All of these will need to be evaluated  which will mean the depth of the materials for your sub-base will vary.     The main components of the sub-base are stone material and sand material.   Most hardscape contractors will use a crush and run stone material, here in Maryland they use sub-base materials called CR-6 (1″ minus stone with dust) or CR-8 (slightly smaller stone with dust).  Some contractors are also starting to incorporate recycled material such as RC-6 (1″ minus with dust consisting of concrete, brick, block and possibly asphalt).   The washed concrete sand is typically used for a bedding material underlayment before laying the pavers, however,  washed masonry sand could also be used as a substitute.  All of these materials can be purchased in bulk by visiting Patuxent Materials Crofton retail yard or by calling Patuxent Materials,  Inc. for delivery to your home.  Patuxent Materials, Inc can service the Baltimore-Washington DC Metro cooridor as well as Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Some wonderful online tutorials are also available from many DIY, home improvement or paver manufacturer’s websites to find out more information before you jump into the project.  A list of materials are typically recommended, the time it should take to do the project and more insights before the project begins to help alleviate future problems during installation.
Good Luck with your project and if all else fails, try calling a licensed and reputable hardscape/landscape contractor, such as Second Nature of Maryland, shown in photo above,  in your area for an estimate, it might just save you time, money and your back!
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