Spring has Sprung in Maryland!

Spring has Sprung and after the much needed mild Winter in Maryland this year, we are all happy to see the flowers blooming, the Osprey returning and the construction businesses picking up speed.  Patuxent Materials’ Crofton Retail yard will be a great place to start, with bulk materials, grass seed and more for your Spring outdoor projects!

Grey crushed stone driveway and red mulched landscaping beds

Try adding new colored wood mulch this year, which will keep it’s color for much longer than undyed mulches and comes in attractive colors, such as black and brick red.
Another great alternative to wood mulch is decorative stone and riverjack cobbles.

River jack mulching is another alternative to wood mulches

Your choices of colors, textures and sizes  is vast and even though it  may be more costly, the aggregates will last forever if maintained properly, which saves a lot of money in the long run!
The picture to the right is a 1 to 3 inch river jack and can be used as a border around landscaping, driveways and more decorative uses.

Riverjack Drybed installation for wet areas takes ugly to beautiful!

Take a look at the landscaped drybed on the left.  The added bonus that comes along with using the larger stone is the capability of using the riverjack in areas where water run-off may be a problem, hence slowing down any erosion problems that may be an issue. 
The photo to the left shows riverjack incorporated in the landscape in a way that is beautiful and serves a purpose for water issues in the client’s yard.  The riverjack are used as the focal point with an accent of wood mulched areas for the landscape plantings.  The use of both wood and stone mulches in landscaping is becoming more common, and the end result is a finshed and professional looking end result.
So, doing the hard work this Spring will reap you big rewards, and will allow you to sit back and enjoy the hot dog days of summer, kicked back having a nice cold one and satisfied with the labors of your Spring days!
And once the summer heats up, your plants will be happy you did take the time and effort!
In closing,  there are also other benefits to adding compost and some mulching to your vegatable gardens, including but not limited to:
  • Straw – available at the Patuxent Materials Crofton Retail Yard
  • Use about 2 inches of straw around newly planted vegetables to help retain moisture, keeps leaves from becoming too dirty from overspray and helps to keep weeds down.
  • Straw is high in carbon, which encourages soil organisms to take nitrogen. Apply fertilizer that is high in nitrogen, like blood meal, to the area before you put down the straw.
  • Make sure you do not use Hay, which is not a good alternative to straw; it often carries seeds that will eventually sprout and cause weed problems in your garden bed.
  • Compost- LeafGro available in bulk at the Patuxent Materials Crofton Retail Yard
  • Use 3 to 5 inches and work into the soil of your garden to give your plants and seeds a great nutrient rich foundation in which to grow .
If you’d like more information about getting your landscape, garden or driveway spruced up!
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