Mild Maryland Winter, Good for business?

Dave Granlund's cartoonist rendition for Mild Winter 2011-2012


Maryland has been lucky this winter and so far has missed out on major snow storms hitting the area.  But, is all this mild weather good for business?    Well, it depends on who you ask!  In the construction industry, weather plays an integral part in daily schedules and livelihood!  Mild winters generally mean more rain than snow.
Although more rain typically means projects are held up for a few days at a time, and deliveries of salt and sand to municipalities and snow contractors are not needed, typically the milder winter allows construction projects to move forward at a faster pace than expected.



Snow removal contractors seeing red this Winter


Mild winters  effect landscaping and excavating contractors most, many of whom generally rely on pushing snow for “winter work”  and are left with lower than expected income coming in.

On the other hand, the milder winters also allows them to do many other hardscaping and landscape projects that they normally would not be able to do in the dead of winter!

So, to answer the question, is mild weather good for business?  Much like the weather, it depends on your line of business!  Some of Patuxent Company’s customers are taking advantage of the mild weather.

Bay Ready Mix Concrete on the job during a mild Winter, not a site typically seen during the dead of Winter in Maryland



Take the concrete contractors for example, they need milder temperatures in order to pour concrete.   Or perhaps the roofing contractors, who tend to stay very busy during rainy seasons.   Not to mention the suppliers for those contractors,  which hope to see higher than average winter sales!




The weather’s economic trickle down effect for businesses and the local economy can be seen, from the builder, to the contractor, to the supplier, to the employee and finally to the community, with everyone getting a little more than they expected.

After the 2010-2011 record setting snow and economical storms,  Maryland, it’s residents and it’s business owners are quite happy with a milder winter!

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