Autumn & Winter Gardening in Maryland

Fall GardenGardening in the colder months may not hold the same appeal that it does in the spring or early summer, but there are a variety of options to make your garden look great in this unconventional season.

Did you know that autumn is the best time to reseed and aerate your lawn and transplant trees? It’s best to do these in the fall for two reasons. One, the grass seedlings and newly planted trees will have the opportunity to grow in a milder climate, without having the summer sun beating down. Secondly, planting in the fall will allow them grow at a slower rate, since winter is a time of dormancy and rejuvenation for many plants, and will help to establish a stronger root system and thus allow for easier maintenance and less water requirements in the future.

Didn’t think you could have flowering plants during the winter? There are many flowering plants and shrubs that bloom in the fall and winter months, including the Weeping Winter Jasmine. If you want to cover a fence or trellis, this plant will blanket it with dozens of blooms in the coldest winter months. Also, a favorite winter shrub is the Camellia, they produce hundreds of blooms, often throughout the winter months. After planting these, don’t forget to mulch! Patuxent Materials Crofton retail yard has bulk shredded hardwood mulch and dyed mulch for your garden and yard.

Don’t forget to prune your trees and shrubs, tidy up your garden and compost piles! Patuxent Roll-Off has small dumpsters that can be delivered for your “green waste”. Downed tree limbs, pruned tree and shrub limbs, tree stumps, shrub clippings, leaves and more can be hauled away saving you countless hours of going to the landfill or recycling center.

The time is now to reseed, tidy up, prune and mulch! Taking some time now will reward you with a beautiful yard in the Spring!

Here at Patuxent Companies, our Crofton retail yard sells all of the materials you’ll need to tend to your beautiful fall and garden, including grass seed, topsoil and leaf compost.

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