Meet the Patuxent Companies Dispatch Team

dispatch n. send someone or something to a destination or for a purpose.

Here at Patuxent Companies, our Dispatch staff plays a crucial part in ensuring our customers receive the level of service they have come to expect. Yet while many of our customers have come to know our dispatchers over the years, few have had an opportunity to meet the faces behind the phones.

And now, we present The Patuxent Dispatchers…

Dispatch Team

The Dispatch Team (L-R): Larry Bell (Patuxent Roll-Off), Todd Walter (Patuxent Materials), and Chuck Slaugher (Patuxent Materials)

Larry Bell has been with the company since the inception of Patuxent Roll-Off in 1998. Larry came to Patuxent with a background in the sand and gravel business and has held various positions including dump truck driver and scale house attendant, to name a few. When he started working with Patuxent Roll-Off, Larry was not only the dispatcher, but he was also one of Patuxent’s first roll-off drivers. He would answer the phone, take the orders, dispatch himself as well as the other drivers, and service the customer, too! Today, he rarely gets in a truck to help customers, but there are those rare times that he’ll surprise one of his long time customers and deliver an order himself.

Chuck Slaughter has been with the company for 12 years, starting out as one of Patuxent Roll-Off’s drivers, working under the direction of Larry. Chuck came to Patuxent with years of experience in the waste removal business and was happy to find such a diverse company in which he could expand his potential. He spent many years behind the wheel of a roll-off truck, but continued to keep an eye out for opportunities within the company. With patience and great work ethic, Chuck ultimately become a part of PMI’s dispatch team. Since that time, Chuck has developed many long lasting relationships with our customers due to his commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction.

Todd Walter has been with Patuxent Materials since 1988. He first worked in the scale house at our retail yard. Back then, Patuxent had a few dump trucks for deliveries and the retail yard, which sold bulk materials to residential and small contractor customers. Much like Larry and Chuck, Todd has worn many hats with Patuxent through the years. Todd’s early days consisted of answering the phone, dispatching trucks, invoicing customers, servicing customers in the retail yard, and much more! Over the years, Todd moved into a sales position where he successfully built upon the relationships he made to grow our client base. His sales background has helped Todd in his current position as dispatcher, which he began 4 years ago.

So … what is a day in the life of a dispatcher?

The day starts at the crack of dawn, when they begin dispatching our 60 truck drivers for their first rounds of deliveries. Soon, the phones start ringing and on a good day, they don’t stop ringing until it’s time to go! If you were to come into the dispatch office, you would generally find Larry, Chuck and Todd on one phone talking to a customer while dispatching trucks on another line – all while another customer is waiting for them on hold.

Larry, Chuck and Todd are always multi-tasking. If they’re not dispatching drivers, talking to customers, writing up orders, or working on the piles of paperwork and truck logs, they are eating, laughing or giving each other a friendly razzing. Laughter is heard throughout the day to break up the stress that comes with dispatching. In a metropolitan area, the traffic, weather and other issues are always popping up! They don’t leave the office for a lunch break like most people, so eating can sometimes be a challenge while working dispatch. Generally, they’ll take turns so at least one person can answer the phone without a mouth full of food! Sometimes, there’s a long decision making process throughout the morning as to what food or restaurant will be chosen for lunch. It’s a diversion to the daily grind, and they have fun with it! So, here’s a word of advice. If you want to thank your dispatcher, send them food. Not only will they appreciate it, but in return, they will go out of their way to make sure you’re taken care of, too!

The dispatcher’s day involves long hours and stress, so the next time you call in to place your order, remember the hard working guys on the other end of the line, even if you’re put on hold for a little while!   Give them a call today for your next project 2 410-793-0503

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